Friday, 2 April 2010

5 Things I WON'T miss

Now let's get some negativity in these posts and talk about why I really won't miss England. I can look back on this entry when I'm having a bad day in Japan and remind myself of all the rubbish things I won't want to come home to lol!

1) Food. Not so much the food, I am a sucker for my family's home cooking and there are some lovely places to eat here, but more the Western world's attitude towards food. Calories, trans fats, carbs etc are all stuff that we've been programed to fear. It's become such an issue for the west that you can't open a newspaper without some article about the latest research telling us that eating a certain protein or something could lead to cancer. Food isn't about enjoying nutrition and the health it brings, it's now about what you can allow yourself to have without losing any points or feeling bad about it.
Eastern countries have the lowest obesity rates (3% in Japan compared to 30% in the USA) and the longest life expectancy in the world, and this is, without question, due to their diets. While we in Europe tend to eat 45 different foods every week on average the Japanese eat over 100. They are getting so many more nutrients in their diets and are so much healthier because of it. If we could only see food as a source of nutrition and get over the idea that if you're thin you'll be healthy then I'd be very happy. Yes, losing weight is a good idea if you're overweight and unhappy with the way you look but I think people need to stop going fucking mental over it, stop being retards and realize that if you're healthy and taking the time to learn about new foods and new ways of cooking then those pounds will probably drop off, and if not then you won't care coz you'll feel so fucking healthy anyway.

2) The Forum. Namely my work place (not anymore) for the last 3 years. I've loved this place and I enjoyed going to work every day but now I need to get the hell away from it. Luckily it can't get up and follow me!

3) Chavs. Hords of them getting their jollys from standing around with pitbulls looking 'hard'. I have no problem with how they dress, what music they listen to or how they pimp their rides but the general attitude and making girls who walks past them think she's about to get mugged. I won't say that the men are worse because chav girls are disgusting. They know they can get away with shouting whatever they like and no man is going to hit them. I saw a group in the park one evening throwing abuse at a man who was of some Russian decent and while most of the boys just laughed and held back the one girl (about 13 I would say) was screaming the most racist shit in his face. To be fair the man should have walked away, but jesus christ I would have wanted to lay them all out if it was me.
This leads nicely into my next issue with British culture.

4) Lack of respect. Lack of respect for people around us, for the environment and for ourselves. The British just don't give a shit anymore, there's no national pride, everyone seems to hate each other. If you keel over in the street you're more likely to be ignored or have your bag stolen than for someone to actually come over and ask if you're ok. To Europian countries we come across and drunken, aggressive yobs and think we have the right to go whereever we like and ignore other cultures and values yet, when people come to our country looking for a better life, we bitch and moan because they're ready to do jobs we're far too lazy to do. Grow up Britain, start sorting your shit out.

5) Binge drinking. Alright, alright now I know I have been guilty of this aswell in the past. Nowadays I don't drink often because I don't enjoy hangovers and to be honest, I'm a terrible drunk. I just end up going home because it makes me sleepy and sick. When I was younger I didn't drink, it was all nonsense to me (and still is) why kids my age wanted to drink until they were sick. I see kids aged 13/14 walking around swigging from bottles of vodka and it makes me want to cry for the future of Britain.
Even now my peers are obsessed with getting drunk at every opportunity, and it's not to just have a nice time either (having a few beers with friends I can totally understand) but to get completely wasted EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT just so they can justify getting into fights and causing havoc in the streets. Why is it mainly England that has this massive problem with binge drinking? Most other countries seem to be able to have a drinking culture without all this aggravation.

I guess that concludes my little rant about my country! In other news I have begun packing with 6 days left until I fly. So far I have packed 14 pants, 7 bras, 4 bags, 8 pairs of tights, 2 pairs of jeans, 5 pairs of shoes and 6 dresses. Also I have dyed my hair a ginger colour lol, pics soon when I can be bothered to do my makeup =_=


  1. Must admit I agree on most of this.

    In regards to the healthy eating I've always been one to yoyo diet but recently I mhave it all under control and know form experience people will go to stupid lengths to get a smaller figure. At the end of the day the Japanese eat their own produce far more than us Brits, they eat fresh fish, rice and veggies grown in their own nation. Honestly I feel this must boost their economy and keep them healthy. Britain is so obsessed with having what they want when they want it and that is why they fail at eating healthily and saving money.

  2. Personally I don't have anything against the Forum ;D lol
    But I totally agree with you on everything else!!

  3. Oh yeh the forum is just my personal shit lol

    @Claire: Yeah totally, I mean the Japanese consume twice as much fish as they do red meat and the Americans eat forty-seven times as much red fish than they do fish....It's crazy, everyone knows fish is fucking awesome but we've all been raised on traditional Sunday roasts and stews and Shepards pie...I know we should keep our traditional foods but should definitely take some time to consider other foods and ways of cooking.

  4. Regarding the respect thing:

    While Japan is a very respectable country, with the way the language is and certain family structures are. It doesn't mean you don't get a Japanese "chav" either. There were quite a lot in Tokyo from my trips into the city, especially in Shibuya. The problem isn't as extreme as it is here but there is still an issue :)


  5. Oh totally, I understand that it happens in every country and I'm aware of the prejudice I will probably receive in Japan but on the whole I think it will be better than England.