Thursday, 22 April 2010

I want to be a Lilikoi boy...

Wowzahs! It's been nearly 2 weeks since I arrived in Japan-land. It's been full of mixed emotions but I feel much better after resolving to not drink and take some time for myself. One of the problems I've faced here is being with Max and Carly for most of my waking time. Don't get me wrong I ADORE them and LOVE hanging out with them but I've learned that I find it difficult to be around even my bestest mates for too long before I start wanting some time to just sit and be quiet. I end up just becoming short with everyone and it's not their fault, it's mine for not making sure I get the time I need. But today was an awesome day! I woke up nice and early (10:30 lol) and got ready for my interview at LeafCup which is a small "cafe" (they serve tea) where people learning English can come and practice speaking and listening in a relaxed environment.

The interview itself couldnt have gone better, I arrived early and so they took me upstaires and sat me with 2 people to "wait", then the interviewer went off and I was left to chat by myself....I think that was the real interview tbh. Then I was called over to chat with the interviewer and another girl there wanting a job. She didn't ask any questions or anything...I on the otherhand blabbed on and on about what club activities are all about and was there a chance to become a teacher etc etc...So after a while I sat back down with the group and was asked to stay for another hour :D So I have one part time may only be for a few hours a week but at least it's something! I have another interview on Tuesday for IHCWAY, which is a company that recruits private teachers and pairs them up with interviewed inderviduals. If I can get alot of students hopefully I can fit them around working at LeafCup, both jobs seem pretty flexible so it should be doable. But I think even if I do work both jobs it's still not stable enough for me to live on while over here. My rent for the guesthouse is 40,000 yen a month, which is very good but then the cost of living is quiet high. I must spend 1000 yen a day on food, drink and trains, which might not sound alot but it soon adds up. I've begun to think more economically and filling my water bottles up at home, eating simple meals of rice and cabbage and generally trying to cut down on spending on silly things like Kigurumin and puri kura. I know Max wants me to live it up and splash some cash but I really don't mind living the simple life for a while, there are plenty of things to see and do in Tokyo that require minamal amounts of money. Even walking around Nakano and taking photos is an awesome day out for me. I'm sure I can enjoy myself without shopping everyday.

Speaking of shopping, I went to Shibuya last week. Wasn't overly impressed...had alot of pimps and crowds of punk and gyaru kids around. Also Center-gai was just bars and resaurants...nothing to wet yourself over. Maybe it's different in the daytime and I guess I didn't really explore all that well. I'll give it another go one day and give a full report. Pretty lights though...

Puri Kura booths and posters were distroyed!

Tomorow I'm going to a Japanese class in Ichigaya so I'm hitting the hay for now. I only really have time to blog late at night when everyone is done with the computer Y_Y
I need more coffee maybe so I can become an awesome blogger. OH WAIT

I do really like the coffee here (Starbucks is pretty good in Japan) but it's not nearly as strong or as what I was used to having/serving back in Marzano. OH for a honeycomb latte with a leaf drawn in it! Wow I didn't think I would miss anything about my old work!
One thing England doesn't have yet KITKAT BANANA!! <3 OH OMNOM

Peace y'all


  1. Wow....Kitkat Banana looks amazing!

    Also I think Nakano is where there are alot of cute second hand places so if you are living simple then your location is kind of good!

  2. I recently found your blog (can`t remember how, sorry!) and I wanted to let you know I linked to your blog in my weekly wrapup. I loved your enthusiasm for Tokyo and Japan in general. It is nice to see Japan through fresh eyes :)

    Keep posting!

  3. Don't give up the drinking. You'll rely on it in the future. Good luck jobhunting

  4. hello! i started linking from around some blogs and got to your blog. it's really cool that you are finally in Japan. I am doing my degree at the moment and it sucks that my school does not offer any exchange programmes other than to australia, china etc, just not Japan :( but I still hope to be able to experience living in Japan at least once in my life, I think I'll get motivated through your posts ^^

    By the way, I love Capsule too! Another one that you should try out if you like the genre is Meg, she just had a new single out ^^

    Looking forward to your posts!


  5. I totally relate to that being alone-thing... It's why I love to have an own apartment, my little bubble of alone time, haha!

  6. *GASP* at the purikura posters all drawn on! (Was under the impression everyone loved gal models so much...)
    So glad to find your blog, I'm also a British girl on WHV, moving next week! You're lucky to have friends with you.