Friday, 19 March 2010

Things I plan to see in Tokyo

3 weeks to go 3 weeks to gooooo!! 21 little days and I will be on that plane to the other side of the world!

I'll take some time to post about what I actually want to see in Japan so you guys have an idea about what to expect from this blog in the future. I know I'll want to pack everything into the first week but I'm gonna try and spread them out over the course of my year. Just to try and keep things interesting.

1) Tsukiji fish market. THE LARGEST FISH MARKET IN THE WORLD! They handle more that 400 different types of sea food! Now thats amazing!! Anyone who knows me knows I love food. And I love sea food! To be surrounded by 2000 metric tonnes of the stuff is going to be heaven for me. I'm sure I'm gonna see some really weird shit there (lots of fish guts ick) but OMG this has to be experienced, just so I can sit there and say "Hey, I've eaten the freshest sushi you can get"

Oh ho ho come to me fishies Om nomnommm...I bet this place stinks of niceness.

2) Sensoji aka Asakusa Kannon temple. The oldest temple in Tokyo, built for the Goddess of Mercy, Kannon in 645 (fuck thats a long time ago....I mean....FUCK) ...seriously LOOK at this place

Old Japanese architecture is mind-blowing. The details, the shape of the roofs, the COLOURS. I just love them. It's a shame more of the old buildings haven't survived the earthquakes and bombs of the last few centuries, they're so beautifully crafted and inspirational. If you woke up in one of these wouldn't you feel like royalty? Maybe one day when I'm super rich I'll have me one of these to live in!
Unfortunately there are some renovations going on this year so I won't be able to visit the actual main temple until November Y_Y BOO but I still want to see the market street outside and eat some agemanju :D

3) Dancehall clubs. Japanese dancehall is the hot music trend in Tokyo right now and I wanna be there to experience the asian take on Jamaican music. I hear the 'Dancehall Queens' get pretty crazy on the dancefloor. Maybe I can pick up some moves :P

4) FUJI-SAN. Obviously. I'm gonna be such a tourist but watching the sunrise from one of the most beautiful mountains (ok volcanos!) in the world just seems like something I should do before I die.

If anyone has any more suggestions for places (obviously I will be going to the normal places like 109, Tokyo Tower, DisneyLand and Hello Kitty Land) please leave me a comment.

The funds for this trip are slowly coming together. I sense it's going to be a mad rush at the end of the month to get as much money as possible by selling everything I own. Well not everything, if the worst happens and I have to come home I'd want SOME stuff to come back my bed.
Over the last few weeks I have been concentrating on work which has proved to be a bit of a bust as it's actually effecting my health now. Unfortunately I tend to be overly sensitive to most emotional situations, basically I find it difficult to just "let things go" so working with a guy I'm heartbroken over has literally given me a broken heart. I've been suffering from shortness of breath, dizziness, insomnia, chest pains, and tingling sensations in my left arm for nearly 2 months now (post break-up) so I went to the doctor to have it checked out (as I don't fancy dealing with it while abroad), she did and EKG and found I have an irregular heart beat. All this is being caused by stress and anxiety which is causing me to pump out too much adrenaline. So I really do have to chill the fuck out or I'll have to be put on beta blockers....which I really don't fancy. Even if they sort my heart out my head would still be a mess and I REALLY don't want to end up on any kind of medication for that. Space is what I need, living my dream and exploring this beautiful world.


  1. You'll have a wonderful time :D! The fish market sounds hilarious, like an incredibly morbid sealife center hehe.

    Asakusa is awesome and during the Golden Week they have the most fabulous celebration market there, it smellt awesome :) Oh an Ueno Zoo is free for a day during that week too so if you're wanting to save those yummy yens then there ya go.

    All your ideas sound unique and fab so I can't really offer much more ideas :) ohoh except I think it's Odaiba (might be spellt wrong) which is the island with all the weird assed sculptures/buildings!

  2. You have some great ideas, I hope you have an amazing time.
    Don't worry too much about your health, coz it only makes things worse. I think you'll be fine and will be able to relax when you get to Japan.

    Tsukiji Market is a hard one. I'd check before you go as they're really not too keen on foreigners going anymore - because they would get large groups going and it would be disruptive etc.
    I think it would be ok though if there were a couple of you. Check with a guide or something when you get there.

    Definitely go to Asakusa it's such a great place. If you're in the mood for something to eat too, go to the Curry House along the main street. It's to the left (if you're facing the entrance to raimon) on the same side as the entrance. It usually has a board with pictures of Japanese celebrities on outside, and signatures all over the place inside. They do THE BEST beef curry XD

    I would also recommend Ueno Zoo, and for around £5 it's not a waste of money at all :D

    Also Ikebukuro is great. Go to Sunshine City (mall), they have quite a few Gal shops and it's not as crazy as 109. They also have a great planetarium and aquarium on the top floor.

    Also, take a boat from Asakusa to Odaiba. It's a little expensive but it's really cool. Odaiba is lovely and has an amazing mall, a ferris wheel and the Fuji TV studios and museum (woohoo J-dramas XD). Plus it has a great sea front walk, and a mini statue of liberty lmao.

    Let me know if you need any help with anything, like places to eat etc.
    Or if you want any handy Japanese phrases, although I'm sure you already have a book on that, which will be much more helpful than me lol XD