Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Just a short update

So 3 days before the big move and my laptop breaks! AWAH! I honestly thought that thing would last forever, I mean we've been through so much together!

So it was a bit of a lol rushing around with no money trying to find a new laptop to take with me. My laptop was such an important piece of kit to take with me, I need it to keep in touch with my family, for video editing so I can bring you real vlogs over the year, photo editing so I can pimp this blog, music managing (I never go anywhere on my own without a mp3 player....EVER) and being able to put a movie on when I have days where I just need to just chill and escape.

So anyway, found one on ebay for £20 with a broken screen that could be replaced by mine but that was a bust so we left it for the night.

But today my sister came through and said I could have her old one. So happy because noone had to spend money to buy a new one. Anyway I wouldnt want to take a super nice one all the way to Japan just incase something happend to it. As long as I can blog and Skype on it I don't care!

THANKYOU SIS! Just in the nick of time! 2 days to go!!!

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