Thursday, 4 March 2010


In this OH so stunning photo where I have literally just fallen out of bed I have my newly acquired JAPANESE VISA!!!!


A complete surprise to me as I hadn't had a phone call to let me know I'd been approved like Carly did.

They toyed with my heart!!

Oh cruel but beautiful Japanese Embassy, I thank you so much for the opportunity to visit your mad mad country!
After all that hassle in the office with my tickets and itinerary it was all worth it to make sure they had what they needed so I wouldn't have to be faxing stuff backwards and forwards all week.
There's only one little hang up I have....the visa is valid from March 10 to March 11....I'm getting scammed out of a whole month! I told them I was going in April, you'd think they'd make it valid from April!!

Not that I'm complaining..!
So that the last step on my way to becoming an expat! The feeling of relief that this brings is amazing, like a huge weight has been lifted. The thought that I only have 36 days left fills me with such joy, like the nearer my trip gets the further all the shit I've gone through over the last 6 months gets. It's so confidence building to know that I'm embarking on a great adventure, leaving my old life behind, leaving all the nonsense behind and using the pain to become stronger and make it into something positive!

All that's left is to pack, to finish my last few weeks of work and to make any extra money by clearing out my room.
HAPPY DAYS this is getting scarily real now lol


  1. Just remember this is real life and not the fairytale it feels, you'll be working and job searching and not just partying. Make sure you watch you funds and don't get crazy with spending on adventures and parties.

    I know you're a sensible lass so you'll be fine but just want to remind you this. It would hurt all your loved ones at home to hear you have to struggle along when you get there.

  2. So what kind of job do you think you'll be doing?
    My student visa will only let me teach English or some crap like that haha XD

    I agree with Claire about the money thing. It's very expensive and our tutors want us to have up to £10,000 reserve because we'll be going for the year - apparently that is reasonable today D:

    You'll have such an amazing time, and I know you're going to love the whole experience. Even if it is challenging at times because I think you're the kind of person who likes a challenge and can handle it.

  3. Good luck gaby! I sincerely wish for your safety and enjoy your new life in japan, i'm sure you'll be fine cuz max and lots of people is there! damn you both! lol ^^

  4. Thanks for the concern guys. I'm sure I'll be fine.

    @Emma Not sure what job I'll get yet. I'll just have to see whats available when I get there ^^
    @Kei Thankyou sweetheart, you're very kind!