Sunday, 29 August 2010

I told you that Im crazy for these cupcakes, cousin.

Obligatory lazy Sunday post.
Due to my sickness still not letting up I have done very little today apart from play Star Ocean for a few hours, watch Six Feet Under for a few hours and nip down the shops for some Oreo's and juice!

For once I will actually show you what I wear down the shops

Despite not making effort with my clothes I try to practice my makeup every day whether I am leaving the house or not

You can also see how bad my extensions have gotten! I know I probably wouldn't get best quality for paying Y6,000 but I didn't want to go hella expensive on my first try. Now I know better though. I mean I seriously tried to look after these extensions, I bought treatments and really good quality conditioners, slept with my hair in plats every night and brushed them gently as so to not damage them but they were dry and brittle within a week. Extensions are amazingly cheap in Tokyo because they are extremely popular, I guess mostly due to the gyaru boom. Even though they are so cheap I still find spending that much money in one go I feel like I shouldn't be spending it on myself so I guess I went for the cheapest option I found...which turned out to be a bit rubbish. So in the name of research I will be going to a different salon this week to document getting some better extensions!
I'm going on the hunt for English speaking salons too so I can give some reviews on service...basically if they don't bring me a coffee its an instant fail!


  1. I've been at Sin Den in Harajuku, really nice english speaking staff; recommend.

  2. I looked on their site and couldn't see any...

  3. I would have done exactly the same as you though haha XD
    But at least you know now, and I hope you have better luck next time. Maybe try and find some discounts in Hot Pepper?

  4. Looking good womans! It's always worth paying a little extra for quality :) Hope you're enjoying yourself.