Sunday, 15 August 2010


I thought I'd take a moment to muse over some gyaru topics.
Firstly, I've been able to actually go shopping this month which has lead me to delve back into gyaru and my own gyaru style. Shopping in 109 is quite inspirational and CocoLulu shop girls have made me gaga for their clothes.

I'm especially loving this hoodie right now.

My only problem with Co&Lu is that I can sometimes feel very tomboyish in my baggy jeans and high tops so I have to think a bit harder about how to balance it out so I still feel cute and feminine. This is such a minor gripe though because the happy, energetic feeling I get from just LOOKING at their clothes gets me giddy! I WANT TO BE A CO&LU girl!!

These clothes are just MADE for summer and in the winter when it's dark and cold they cheer you up!

Unfortunately for me though Co&Lu in 109 only stock sizes S and L which is fine for me when it comes to tops and hoodies but jeans are a different story. British hips were not ment to fit into a Japanese size M sadly. Although I'm not sure that even an L size would look good on me considering the idea of the item is to hang loose on the hips for the casual look.

Moving swiftly on. Gyaru-sa, Gal Circles. I've had my share. Although I love gyaru and love to talk about gyaru with like minded girls I no longer feel like I have to be part of the community. My point of view, coming from my own experiences, is that a Gal circle should be something natural. A group of friends who enjoy this style. I think maybe western girls who know about this style seek out the community because they want people to share it with. But I think this can often be problematic when friendships are based on surface alone. I'm not saying that wonderful friendships can't come out of these groups and also that it isn't wonderful to meet new people with the same interests but for me personally I'd rather explore gyaru with people I consider close friends a.k.a Toni ( There are alot of UK gals who I really like and respect but I wonder if I could ever be in a Gal circle again considering my change in attitude.
This has all been bought up by a recent event where I was reminded that you can love gyaru style more than anything in the world but it doesn't mean you'll get along with other gyaru. I think maybe one of the reasons there seems to be so much drama in the western gyaru scene is because circles form based on need, either to copy the Japanese concept of Gal circles or the need to find people to share the passion with but alot of the time it isn't considered whether personalities will clash resulting in feelings getting hurt.
Alot of Gals out there want everyone to get along and have fun being in a circle but you never know if someone will come along and rub you up the wrong way.

For now I'm happy not being in a Gal circle, although I respect all those out there who are in one and happy. I'm cheering you on!


  1. Think you summed it up really well. I don't consider myself gyaru but I really enjoy the looks it has to offer, it's nice to keep it as that and not feel forced to be friends with people or have to perform to a certain level.

  2. aww~ totally understand you, to be honest i think the drama stuff in general with western gyaru are really silly and petty!
    i guess not everyone have matured like us oldies~ ^^;

    hope your safe and enjoying japan, envy you! ^^ but wish you best luck girl! i'm still thinking about you and hope we can still meet in future~ ^^

  3. Girl we have a gyarusa....maye-sa :P With only its two members lol!!!!

    The word gyaru means nothing without me thinking of you, you totally inpired/taught me loads :D

    Thankyou for another blog mention xx
    loves you mayexxxxx

  4. I completely understand the thing about Gyaru-sa! I have one but its really not anything like most other circles. Cause its just atm people I'm great friends with who happen to like Gal XD rather than a group of Gals trying to be friends!

    I think alot of western gals judge too much! Its about expressing yourself in your clothes and just having fun regardless of what anyone thinks ^__^

    Also I can see why Cocolulu is stealing your soul! I really want that first hoodie *0*

  5. Totally agree about the whole Gal-sa thing.