Thursday, 2 September 2010

I be looking for labels, I ain't looking for love...

I'll get everything negative out of the way first. Today was an utter failure. I hoped to go to the bank to sort out some finances. I was told there was a branch of my bank in Shinjuku near the shopping centre Alta, but alas I wondered up and down the main road with no bank. So I thought I would take a trip to Harajuku to scout out some hair salons. Of the two I found that actually did extensions the cheapest price I was offered was Y20,000...I was thinking more like Y12,000! So I turned back up the main street and tried to do some shopping. BUT NO, the universe was not my friend today and I couldn't decide on anything to buy except some AWESOME underwhere that turned out to be too small (they were all in packs and marked S,M,L).

Ok, that's out of the way! Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet up with an old friend Emma ( . Just seeing her and hearing her voice was a surreal experience just because she reminded me of home and all my friends from my town! It actually made me really really happy rather than more homesick. It was great just being able to talk about home our experiences of Tokyo.

109 was obviously hit. I think the only shop I actually spent money in was CocoLulu...

I treated myself to the new "ACTION" hoodie, mentioned a few posts ago, and the complementing tee.

Dirty mirror!! D:

Wow and I only realised on the train that they gave me some cute buttons

I actually had a bit of inspiration while walking around 109 and thought it would be a great idea to do a virtual makeover for people I know. Just because when I go shopping I always see things other people would look fantastic in. One Spo currently have this incredably sexy Russian/military theme going on and I imidiately thought of Toni. Since One Spo have no online store I had to use one of my photos! So forgive my poor editing Toni, but I thought this outfit suited you to a T!

:Toni in One Spo Autumn 2010


Tomorrow I will hopefully manage to do the things I planned for today but also I am going to Le Fabrique for the house/trance night 'Disco Manga' which happens to be a 'Back to School' theme :D Perfct for me an my school uniform love!
After I came back from Shibuya I took myself to Donki to pick up this little number...

Also had a great message in the tag...

Thanks Teen Girls, I will!


  1. you are looking pure awesome in your co&lu glory lady!! I need to gets me some 109 time in but gotta saves the money first! lol any tips on getting decent cappucino foam for me, apparently i'm not making it dome-y enough lol >.< glad to hear you're doing well ^^

  2. You look so different! Cute outfit :)

  3. oh a school uniform <3
    and CO&LU love <3 nice clothes! you look great!

  4. your hair looks really good curled! :)

  5. Gah I totaly cut out your shoes on that photo. ゴメン~!!

    I had such a great time. It was really good to see you after so long, and it's so funny that we're both over the other side of the world at the same time XD
    Definitely need to meet up for photography times etc. soon!!

    I love the virtual makeover, it's so great haha
    And the school uniform is really cute. Can't wait to see pics from the night.

  6. you look so CUTE! loving the top! <3

  7. Girrrrrllll! Thanks for the virtual makeover XD

    i just need to let you know...
    YOU LOOK AMAZING and i love you.