Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Yatta Yatta YattaYatta

Ouu laziness got the better of me there. Soz lol

Right lets crack on! About a month ago Max, Carly and I all thought we'd be super cool and find an anime convention to go to in Tokyo. We looked for one at the famous Tokyo Big Sight, home of the biggest anime conventions and we found one called "Dream Party" ....PERFECT!
The ride on the monorail to Tokyo Big Sight is AWESOME I'd just like to add. They designed it to go round the best scenic route possible, past all the amazing architecture and eventually past rainbow bride and to the seaside (well...sea at least)

So we made our way through Tokyo Big Sight and noticed THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of women making their way out...suspicious we thought. They all seemed to becoming from downstairs and we were heading upstairs, but we'll come back to them later. So we paid our Y2,000 to get into "Dream Party" and made our way into the huge warehouse where we were confronted by a stage and a few stalls with huge groups of men hanging round them. Not exactly what I'd pictured but whatever. They only woman besides ourselves that we could see were working on the stalls and in cosplay outfits. Weird. So we turned a corner and got stopped because Carly had been given a different coloured broucher than us....again we thought that was weird so we hopped back to the desk and got it swapped. Then we realised what the big deal was. We were being let into the 18+ area which was the magoritiy of the conventions tables and on these tables they were selling moe and love simulator games.




AWESOME!! The whole thing was a riot and we walked around as the only gaijin and the only people not buying anything. Although if I'd had the money I would have gotten me one of these..


It was all a bit weird with guys seeming to queue for ages for 1 leaflet...not even a good leaflet with some boobies on it just writing. Strange times. Of course there were voice actresses there giving little talks on their respective porno game stalls and live acts of cosplay girls singing moe moe songs. Feds were patrolling and you weren't allowed to film or take pictures so we snuck to the back but as it turns out there were far more interesting things to film than the stage. It was all getting a bit off the hook. Otaku were uniting and throwing their nuts all over the shop, every 5 seconds the feds would come and tell them to quieten down but ohhhh the raving otaku cannot be stopped. Carly, Max and I fell apart laughing at the antics, of course we joined in and became one of the mob and it was all fantastic fun!

Get a load of the moves!


After wondering about in a serreal haze we trecked back downstairs to where there were STILL thousands of woman walking out of. We snuck into the warehouse sized room and....SWEET JESUS ITS A DOUJINSHI CONVENTION!!




How did this happen?! Sorry, but the photo does no justice to how HUGE this place was...and this was only half of it! I was told again not to take photos but DANG. So we spent another hour wondering round in a daze of porn, this time of the gay variety, most of it Durarara related O.o (U WUT?!) Again nothing was bought. We couldn't even pick anything up to look because the artists are sitting right there and it would've be awkward...

Thing is everyone is just walking around reading their porn, talking with their friends about it and it's so natural. There was no weird, seedy vibe going on, it was a fun atmosphere and everyone was just chillin' with their comics. If I was into dating sims and doujinshi I would have been pissing my pants....I was still pissing my pants but from the sheer excitment at actually getting to experience this totally bizaar and awesome cultural activity unique to Japan. ROCK ON NIPPON!

I think this sums up my feelings on the day...

I have no idea where we went after for food, a few stops on the monorail. Came out after to see the PERFECT sunset over Tokyo.

And a Statue of Liberty...

So I have yet to experience a "real" anime convention in Tokyo, but I'm sure I will sometime and when I do I'm gonna be ready!

In real news, my job is still awesome! The kids are great and I feel like I'm beginging to find my feet as a teacher. It all comes with time I guess. I also reallllly liked being paid! For the first time in months I've been able to spend money without really feeling guilty! Glorious!
I went a bit blind a few weeks ago and went to hospital to get it checked out. From this one experience I have to say I find the Japanese healthcare system to be pretty good, they're very thorough with tests (the doctor even gave me some eye drops to freeze my pupils so it looked like I was on some kind of drugs for 6 hours!) and very kind. Of course it isn't like England and you have to pay for healthcare, it only came to Y2100 but at least I had the peace of mind that I probably wouldn't go totally blind. AND HEY I DIDN'T! My eyesight is back to normal :D
My Japanese is improving ever so slightly, I'm still rubbish but I'm making efforts now and I have lessons that I practice on my hour communte to work every morning...DON'T GIVE UP

Over the last few weeks I have been decovering a few secrets to save and earn money (sounds dodge but it isnt...) so I will post about that next time.

Ahhh this post was lazy ne?


  1. Haha that sounds so crazy XD
    I love Odaiba though it's so pretty.

    Glad your Japanese is picking up. There's no better way to learn it then by going to Japan after all XD

  2. That video, is so awesome.
    Rooting for you!