Saturday, 23 April 2011

It's as if we never said goodbye

So I'm alive and back in the UK.

For anyone who hadn't guessed I came home because of the horrific earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. I was in my Pre school when the earthquake hit Tokyo and it was honestly the scariest experience of my life...not just because my own life was in danger but because I was responsible for all of the children in my class. We evacuated the school without anyone being hurt and the school was undamaged. The monorail station directly outside the school shook violently and we could see the train car down the track swaying from side to side. All of the mothers told us that in all their life they had never expeienced something like this which made it all the more scary. At the time we had no idea of the destruction happening in the north of the country and we were stuck at school for the magority of the night due to all the trains in Tokyo being on shut down. The next day Nozomi and I took a trip to Hakuba to go to a party at a ski resort and when i arrived back in Tokyo I got a message from my folks to get on Skype. We had a discussion about how safe I was regarding the nucleur reactor in Fukashimi. Obviously back home the news had been contantly playing footage and reports of the horrific detruction and the general state of Japan so I can understand my family's concerns. I made the decision to leave Japan the next day.
My heart goes out to all those who have been effected by this horrific event and for all my friends still over there. From what I hear everything is pretty normal in Tokyo but please everyone TAKE CARE!

And thats basically it. I'm still dealing with the fact that my life there is over for the forseeable future but I am making plans to return and get a full working visa. This will take me several years of planning and working but the love that I feel for the country has given me the drive and inspiration to see the path I'm going to walk down. I won't ever forget the year I spent in Tokyo, the people I've become so close to and the fact that I was brave enough to do it in the first place.

Right now I am taking a few months out to live like a lazy bum and enjoy the summer with my UK friends. I have a really part time job in a deli in my hometown with one of my best friends Toni so I'm earning a little money to have fun with while my last months wages from the school is going to be used to get me on some early childcare courses so I can work at a preschool here.

As I am one of those people who need something to obsess about or I go nuts, I am starting a new blog mainly about clothes and my favourite styles and anything else that comes to mind. So if that interests you please come over to...

and lets have some new age fun with a vintage feel.... :P

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