Sunday, 10 October 2010

Harajuku girls I am yo biggest fan

Let's talk about one of the things I love most about Japan. Cosplay!
I've tried my hand at cosplay many years ago but anything I attempted just ended up an embarrassing mess on me. So it really impresses me when I see people doing the character they're cosplaying justice. With cosplay's growing popularity it now seems really easy to find resources and people to help you with costumes. Online and real stores now exist for all your cosplaying needs so it's easier than ever to become your favourite character. Although i think cosplaying is alot more then just putting on a wig and a store bought costume and the people who manage to pull all those extra things together are a real inspiration to me. I get so excited to see someone looking exactly how I would imagine the character to look in real life and I become a total fangirl all over again.

I went to a cosplay event in the oldest theme park in Tokyo, in Asakusa. A pretty odd setting for a cosplay event but when I got there I realised it was pretty appropriate as there where alot of interesting places for everyone to have photos taken with various types of shrubbery!
As this was a cosplay event some of the cosplayers seemed a little too Pro and it seemed like they didn't want their photos taken by non-pro photographer white-assed-white-girl, which seemed a bit silly to me but most of the crowed were very friendly and put up with my bad Japanese when trying to compliment them on their effort.

There where alot more but these are my favourite and were the nicest people.

The next event was Tokyo Game Show. Although I saw alot of cosplays I couldn't take photos of all of them because it was sooo busy and there was no space to take a decent photo. However, there was a whole cosplay area where you could fight your way through the crowds and ask them to pose how you wanted :/ Mostly I just lerked around and took photos when I had a good oppotunity. Obviously, this being a gaming convention, there are only game characters...

2D Kingdom Hearts

3D Sora

Real Sora :D

Chaos Vincent Valentine

FFX ladies

Mai from King of Fighters being surrounded by pro cams :O

Asuka handing out Evangelion fans.

Persona 3 Portable

Resident Evil! CHRISS! LEON!

Snow and Sarah

Sarah and Vanille FF13


FF7 Cloud and PERFECT Tifa

My ultimate favourite cosplay of the day and one that I was so lucky to get a photo of. Jasmine and me saw them standing in a queue for one of the games and nearly wet ourselves. I think they must have seen the pleading in my eyes as they agreed to a photo. HOW PERFECT ARE THEY. Just as a referance..

Ohhhh Bayonetta! <3
That about wraps up my cosplay report. I hope you enjoyed these awesome costumes!


  1. Awesome post womans! Bayonetta cosplays FTW.

  2. OMG LEON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. Hi,

    We don't know each other and I got here by accident but I read all of your posts and would love to meet up with you for a tiny drink (so that you don't make an ass of yourself:) when (if) you come back to Norwich.

  5. Great photos. that is great when you can cut loose and escape everyday life and have fun pretending to be a character sometimes. :-)